Apathy – 40 Words Poetry #apathy #40words #poetry #weekendchallenge

Inertia rules, passion dies,
Echoes of silent sighs.
Motivation gone, nothing to feel,
Life passes by, an endless reel.

Apathy - 40 Words Poetry #apathy #40words #poetry #weekendchallenge
Photo by Nicola Barts on Pexels.com

No fire burns, no spark ignites,
Just a shell, void of light.
Apathy’s grip, a chokehold tight,
Leaving nothing but endless night.






2 responses to “Apathy – 40 Words Poetry #apathy #40words #poetry #weekendchallenge”

  1. Bill Avatar

    Another reminder of what too much of nothing feels like (song written by Bob Dylan). Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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