Finding Clarity Through Filters: A Poetry Collection #RagtagDailyPrompt #RDP #filter


A filter is a device that separates the impure from the pure
A filter is a tool that helps us to endure
A filter is a screen that lets in only what’s right
A filter is a lens that helps us see through the blight


Life is a journey, a winding path of twists and turns
Where joy and sorrow, happiness and pain, it all discerns
A filter in life helps us to find a balance in this ride
To sift through the bad and cherish the good that’s inside

Finding Clarity Through Filters: A Poetry Collection #RagtagDailyPrompt #RDP #filter


The aroma of fresh, brewed coffee fills the air
A filter’s at work, separating the grounds with care
The rich, full flavor of the coffee is all that remains
A cup of filter coffee, a pleasure that never wanes


Love is a complex emotion, a feeling that’s hard to contain
It can be joyous, painful, and sometimes hard to explain
A filter in love can help us separate what’s real from the fake
To find the one who truly makes our heart race


Beauty is all around us, in the things that we see
In the colors of the sky, the rustling of the trees
A filter in beauty helps us appreciate what’s true
To find the beauty in everything, both old and new

In life, we use filters to help us make sense of it all
To separate the wheat from the chaff, the big from the small
Whether it’s life, love, beauty, or coffee, it’s all the same
Filters help us find what’s true, and free us from the mundane.


Your love is like a filter, purifying my soul
Like water passing through sand, making me whole
As you cleanse me with your love, I become anew
Forever grateful, I’ll always be with you


Your breath is like a filter, sweetening the air I breathe
Like a summer breeze passing through a field of leaves
As I inhale the scent of your love, my heart takes flight
You are my everything, my shining light


Your smile is like a filter, brightening up my day
Like an Instagram post, making everything okay
As I scroll through the pictures of our love, my heart sings
You are the reason why my soul takes wings


Your presence is like a filter, guiding me on my way
Like a search engine, helping me find my place to stay
As I search for love in this world, I find solace in you
With you by my side, my love will always be true


Your touch is like a filter, smoothing out my rough edges
Like oil, making my soul feel like it’s been freshly dredged
As you lubricate my heart, it beats with new life
With you by my side, I can conquer any strife


Your eyes are like a filter, seeing through to my core
Like a camera lens, capturing every moment and more
As you focus on the beauty in me, I’m forever in awe
With you by my side, my love will never thaw


Your voice is like a filter, calming my soul like a screen
Like a computer monitor, with you, everything is serene
As I see you through the screen of my heart, I know it’s true
My love for you will always be steadfast and new


Your love is like a filter, connecting us through the internet
Like a worldwide web, making our bond more intimate
As we surf through the vastness of life, I know I’ll always find you
Together we’ll face the world, our love forever true


Your heart is like a filter, purifying my very soul
Like a purification system, making me feel whole
As you filter out the impurities, my love for you grows
Forever and always, my heart only knows.




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