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  • Punitiveness Schema Is Not A Psychological Disorder

    Punitiveness Schema Is Not A Psychological Disorder

    it’s important to approach this construct with empathy and an understanding that individuals with punitiveness schema may have experienced trauma, stress, or other life experiences that have shaped their beliefs and tendencies. By understanding and addressing these underlying factors, we can help to promote a more just and compassionate society.

  • 4 Kinds of Knowing #Propositional #Procedural #Perspectival #Participatory

    4 Kinds of Knowing #Propositional #Procedural #Perspectival #Participatory

    Propositional knowing refers to knowledge that is expressed in the form of propositions, or statements that can be evaluated as true or false. These propositions can be simple or complex and can be expressed in natural language or in formal logic. Propositional knowledge is the most common type of knowledge that people possess and is…