Jhund #moviereview @Tseries @ZEE5India

‘Jhund’ was released on 4 March 2022. Its budget was around 22 crores and the box office collection was around 30 crores. This movie is really worth watching. There are many reasons for this. First, it is a neat film that you should watch with the whole family. If everyone sees together then the whole family will enjoy it a lot. The second reason is its theme which is based on true events. The story of this film is based on the life of Vijay Basare. It’s basically a sports biographical move. Vijay Basare is the founder of an NGO Slum Football.

Jhund #moviereview @Tseries @ZEE5India

Amitabh Bachchan has played the role of Vijay Basare in this film Jhund and has played it very well. And he has been supported by some tremendous young artists who may have made their big screen debut for the first time but each one of them has given a very strong and excellent performance giving a full justification to their roles assigned to them. Jhund, as i think after watching this movie, has the power to win a good number of national and international awards in many categories. If seen, there is no flaw in the depiction and direction of this entire film. Full credit for this goes to its director Nagraj Manjule.

The interest remains intact in this film from beginning to end. This is the reason that this film of about 3 hours does not bore or despair anywhere. Slum life is depicted and pictured very closely and in a subtle way. There are many beautiful messages in this film Jhund for the society. It tells that no one living in the slum is different from us. They are also an integral part of our society. For that, all of us must make an effort to take them with us so that they are able to progress well in life by getting sufficient knowledge, guidance, courage, and support to gain that.

We need to understand them and adopt them so that we can get them out of their troubles and miseries. If a sincere effort is made towards the youth living in the slums, then many diamonds can be carved which can not only illuminate the name of the country in the national and international sports world, but also have the ability to recover and move forward successfully in many other fields. There is an empathetic need to understand them and make them realize their fire within, as Vijay Basare did in the movie Jhund.



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