14 haiku on love #haiku #love

Softly the heart beats,
Love’s gentle touch warms the soul,
Eternity blooms.

Love blooms soft and slow
Heartbeats in sync, forever
Forever entwine.

Love like the cherry
Blossom’s beauty fleeting yet
Eternal in heart.

Love in the moonlight
Silent whispers, promises made
Eternity bound.

Two hearts in one beat
Love’s symphony, forever
Eternally yours.

14 haiku on love #haiku #love

Eyes locked in a gaze
Two souls in love, forever
Forever entwined.

Love’s gentle touch brings
Peace and happiness within,
Forever it stays.

In the depths of night
Love shines bright, like a guiding star
Forever it guides.

Love’s sweet melody
Echoes in my heart forever
Forever it sings.

Like a rose in bloom
Love blossoms, forever fragrant
Forever alive.

Love is a journey
Two hearts beat as one, forever
Forever bound.

Love is a treasure
Hidden deep within the heart
Forever it gleams.

Like the morning dew
Love’s beauty is fresh and new,
Forever it shines.

A love like the sea
Endless and eternal, forever
Forever it flows.








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