5 simple things I like to do that contributes to a better society #BlogchatterBlogHop @blogchatter

5 simple things I like to do that contributes to a better society

5 simple things I like to do that contributes to a better society #BlogchatterBlogHop @blogchatter
  1. Volunteer my time and skills to local organizations or charities that align with my values. Though there are many organizations and charities that are working these days to address various issues related to our society, I find two of them quite close to my values and ethics. One of them is working hard to train youth in the slums in useful skills that can help them to start earning some money to cater to their family needs. This NGO also helps them in building their career path and move towards it swiftly. It’s a wonderful work they are doing. I am working with them in imparting a few skills that I know well to those aspirant youth. So, I contribute my time and knowledge there on a regular basis. Another charity that I know provide educational books and school fees etc to needy kids. I am also associated with them.
  2. Support local businesses and farmers to help strengthen the community economy.
    There are many startups who are directly delivering fruits and vegetables directly from farm to home. This way, they are helping farmers. When I buy my everyday groceries from these small businesses, it helps them strengthening those farmers from whom they are buying directly.
  3. Use public transportation, cycle, or walk instead of driving alone to reduce carbon emissions and traffic congestion.
    I have been using metro since its inception in my city for traveling to all distant locations I need to go to. It not only saves money but helps me in contributing in reducing my carbon footprint. For travelling to nearby locations within the vicinity of 10-12 kms, I go by my sturdy and handy bicycle. It helps me in two ways. Once, it keeps me fit. Two, it helps me in reducing pollution. And, for any kind of visits to local market or other nearby places within 2-3 kms, I prefer to go by walk.
  4. Reduce, reuse, and recycle waste to minimize the impact on the environment.
    We do a lot of this kind at home. Like, washing vegetables in a bowl instead of under the tap. After wash, we water our plants with this leftover water. We use lights and other electrical equipment very minimally and wisely. Only when needed. I changed my regular bulbs and tubelights with LEDs. The same is with big screens in various rooms. Replaced geysers, heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machine with latest energy efficient ones. It really helps significantly in minimising my bit of impact on the environment.
  5. Vote in elections and participate in civic engagement activities to have a voice in shaping the community and society. This is really important.

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