Mother by Maxim Gorky #bookreview #MaximGorky #Mother #tbrchallenge #bookchatter

“Mother” is a novel written by Russian author Maxim Gorky in 1906. The novel is set in Russia during the early 1900s and tells the story of a woman named Pelagueya Nilovna, who is known as “Mother” to her family and friends. The novel follows Mother’s political awakening as she becomes involved in the labor movement and her son’s participation in the revolution. It is considered a classic of socialist literature and has been translated into numerous languages.

In “Mother” , Maxim Gorky portrays the life of the working class people in Russia, specifically the life of a widow, Pelagueya Nilovna, who struggles to raise her children and support herself in the face of poverty, exploitation, and oppression. The novel also examines the impact of the labor movement on the lives of the working class and the role of women in the revolutionary struggle.

Mother by Maxim Gorky #bookreview #MaximGorky #Mother #tbrchallenge #bookchatter

Through the character of Pelagueya, who is a mother and a worker, Gorky illustrates the human cost of capitalist exploitation and the power of ordinary people to change their circumstances through collective action. The novel is celebrated for its realistic portrayal of the lives of the working class, its strong feminist perspective, and its portrayal of the revolutionary spirit that led to the Russian Revolution of 1917.

The novel also brings a political message and is considered a Marxist literature. It is an important work in the history of Russian literature and has been adapted into a film, stage play, and opera.

“Mother” is considered a powerful and influential work of literature, not just for its political message but also for its literary merit. The novel is written in a naturalistic style, which emphasizes the gritty realism of the characters and their surroundings. The characters are complex and fully-realized, and their struggles are depicted with empathy and compassion.

Gorky’s use of imagery and symbolism is also noteworthy. The imagery of motherhood is used throughout the novel to depict the strength and resilience of working-class women. The novel also uses imagery of the natural world, such as the sun and the sky, to symbolize the hope and possibility of a better future.

The novel also deals with themes of family, love, sacrifice, and the power of the individual. Through the character of Pelagueya, we see the sacrifices that a mother makes for her children and how that love can give her strength to fight for a better life for them. The novel also depicts how the working-class individuals can come together to fight for their rights and change their circumstances.

Overall “Mother” is a novel that is not only a powerful political statement but also a great piece of literature. It is a novel that is still widely read and studied today.

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