Pain and Pleasure – Poetry #24daysofpoetizerprompts

Pain and pleasure, what an odd pair,
Living together, never separating.
A true cycle of life, ever-spinning,
One not waning ’til the other begins.

Thrilling joy, if only for a while,
Till an inevitable heartache will come our way.
Tis the story of life, there’s no doubt,
Pain and pleasure both having their turn about.

Pain and Pleasure - Poetry #24daysofpoetizerprompts

Sometimes it’s hard to make sense of it,
This strange world of highs and lows.
But if we don’t experience both together,
How can we ever truly grow?

So let us be thankful for each emotion,
Though bittersweet, it serves a purpose.
For pleasure is the light that guides us,
As pain shows us strength and courage.






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