Solace Halcyon Imbue – Poetry 24daysofpoetizerprompts #solace #halcyon #imbue @poetizer

Solace in the halcyon days,
A time of peace, a tranquil phase.
Imbued with hope, with dreams so dear,
A future bright, without a fear.

But as the seasons change and shift,
The halcyon days, a memory adrift.
Yet still the solace lingers on,
A guiding light, to carry on.

For though the world may bring us pain,
And struggles we may have to sustain,
The solace found in halcyon days,
Will imbue our hearts with strength and grace.

Solace Halcyon Imbue - Poetry 24daysofpoetizerprompts #solace #halcyon #imbue @poetizer

Imbued with memories of summer breeze,
The halcyon days, a time to seize.
A chance to find our inner peace,
And let our souls be released.

With solace in our hearts and mind,
We’ll leave the worries far behind.
And in the quiet of the night,
We’ll find a shining halcyon light.

The halcyon days may be long gone,
But solace still lingers on and on.
And as we journey through life’s test,
We’ll find that solace imbued in our quest.

For though the halcyon days are past,
We’ll hold the memories that will last.
And with solace in our hearts,
We’ll find a new halcyon start.






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