3 Riddles in Poetry – Simple Ones #riddle #poetry

Riddle 1

I am small and delicate, with petals soft as air,
A symbol of love, beauty, and care.
I come in many colors, red, pink, and blue,
A gift for the cherished, and the loved ones too.

I bloom in spring, and fade in the fall,
But my fragrance lingers, beyond that all.
Some say I bring good luck, and others joy,
For the one who receives me, a girl or a boy.

I am a puzzle, a mystery untold,
A riddle that’s waiting, to be unfold.
What am I? A hint, I’ll give you true,
I am the flower, that whispers “I love you”.

Riddle 2

I am but a whisper on the wind,
A gentle breeze that flows within,
I am a song that cannot be heard,
But felt by all, it is my word.

I am the light in the darkest night,
A beacon of hope, a guiding sight,
I am a fire that cannot be tamed,
A fierce inferno, yet it is named.

I am a river, that flows with grace,
And yet I carve through time and space,
I am a dream, a thought, a wish,
A soul that dances, with every kiss.

I am a mystery, that’s yet to be,
A puzzle waiting, for you to see,
I am a wonder, in every form,
A riddle to unravel, like a storm.

So take a guess, if you dare to try,
What am I? The answer is nigh.
Just remember, I am always near,
And can be found, if you hold it dear.

3 Riddles in Poetry - Simple Ones #riddle #poetry

Riddle 3

I am present in every ray of light,
A thing so small yet full of might.
In the day, I bring the sun’s gleam,
And in the night, I help you dream.

I am present in the ocean’s spray,
A tiny droplet that washes away.
I am found in every rainbow’s hue,
A spectrum of colors, bright and true.

I am in the wind that gently blows,
And in the leaves that rustle and glows.
I am in the fire that warmly burns,
And in the ashes that later returns.

I am present in the soil and seeds,
The source of life that all plants needs.
I am in the song of every bird,
A melody that’s easily heard.

I am in the laughter and joy you feel,
And in the tears that sometimes spill.
I am in every moment and memory,
A part of you, eternally.

So, tell me, my riddle’s end,
What am I, my dear friend?




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