Two Poems on Love #poetry #love


Love is a gentle breeze that blows,

Soft as a whisper, light as a rose.

It brings a warmth to the heart,

A love that will never depart.

Two Poems on Love #poetry #love

It dances with laughter and sings with joy,

A love that every one,

Should hold on to with all their might,

A love that shines ever so bright.


Love is a fire that burns within, 
A flame that flickers, a never-ending win.
It lifts you up when you're feeling low,
And helps you grow and let go.
Two Poems on Love #poetry #love
It's patient, kind, and full of grace,
A love that always finds its place.
It conquers hate and spreads its light,
A love that conquers day and night.
So hold on tight to the love you've found,
And never let it leave your sight,
For love is a treasure that's worth its weight in gold,
A light that shines forever, bold.






2 responses to “Two Poems on Love #poetry #love”

  1. ben Alexander Avatar

    Hi, Jaideep! ❤

    Thanks for sharing this poem with me for 'Poetry Partners' – I've responded to it and published it here at The Skeptic's Kaddish:

    Over heels, or: On the rocks

    Take good care,

    Liked by 1 person

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