2 Tanka on Urban Landscape #W3Prompt #40

Here are two Tanka on Urban Landscape on W3Prompt #40

Concrete jungle, alive and tall
Skyscrapers reach to touch the sky
Life moves fast, so much to do People hustle, cars never still
Urban beauty, complex, alive.
2 Tanka on Urban Landscape #W3Prompt #40
Concrete jungle, never sleeps
Lights and sounds, a symphony
Streets are packed, with endless feet
Buildings tower, in endless sheets
Urban landscapes, majesty.



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6 responses to “2 Tanka on Urban Landscape #W3Prompt #40”

  1. ben Alexander Avatar

    Jaideep, these are both fantastic, but you forgot to share them with the rest of the community this week… 😦

    Anyway, thanks so much for hosting our W3 prompt this week!

    It is now closed to further submissions.

    Could you please read all of the entries, and comment on them if/as you see fit?

    The most important thing is that you select one, which is your favorite – it’s entirely up to you. When you select your favorite tanka, please leave that poet a comment on their blog post, letting them know that you’ve selected their entry.

    Also, and very importantly, please email me to let me know whom you’ve selected… That way I’ll be able to get in touch with that poet directly via email.

    Thank you so much for everything!

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    1. PebbleGalaxy Avatar

      I intentionally didn’t share those.

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    2. PebbleGalaxy Avatar

      Where can I read all the entries?

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      1. ben Alexander Avatar

        BTW – I just responded to one of the poems that you shared with me, here:

        In this beautiful land, or: Through dreams

        Thank you so much, Jaideep ❤



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