What Do I Complain About The Most #dailyprompt

What do you complain about the most?

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I have complaints about a wide range of things, but following 4 are my most common complaints:

1. Poor customer service: This refers to an experience in which I as a customer stay unsatisfied with the service I received from a company or an individual. This happens in many cases mostly when I order things or service online. The commitment of customer service seems exclusive and great at the time of buying but goes haywire when really required. This includes issues like long wait time, unhelpful or rude staff, inadequate solution of problems and so on. Probably they don’t realise that it decreases customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty towards them.

2. High costs (e.g. bills, taxes, living expenses): When I look at these like road tax, house tax, income tax, etc, these all look like a one way traffic. It just goes. That’s it. I am sure there are certain deliverables against each to be fulfilled by respective agencies but who cares. Mostly, those are inaccessible if I want to question or raise a concern.

3. Political and social issues (e.g. corruption, inequality, discrimination): I don’t think I need to elaborate it. Every one of us knows about it. Political and social issues refer to a wide range of topics that include government policies, political ideology, human rights, race relations, poverty, social inequality, healthcare, education, and many more. These issues can be controversial and can elicit strong opinions and emotions. They often shape the direction of a society and can have a significant impact on individuals and communities.

What Do I Complain About The Most #dailyprompt

4. Environmental problems (e.g. pollution, climate change): I think each one of us is responsible for this. We can’t look at anybody else to resolve it unless we do our bit sincerely. Environmental problems refer to negative impacts on the natural environment caused by human activities. These environmental problems can have serious consequences for both the natural environment and human health, and addressing them requires global action and cooperation.






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