17 Tanka – She and Her Beauty #tanka

She walks with grace,
A beauty unmatched and rare,
Her smile lights the way,
A heart full of kindness,
A soul that shines like the sun.

Her face aglow,
Eyes like stars, smile so warm,
Beauty shines within,
Reflecting all she is,
Her grace graces all she meets.

Her grace, so pure,
Moves with a fluid ease, calm,
Gently flowing on.
Like a river’s serene,
Her grace touches all she meets.

17 Tanka - She and Her Beauty #tanka

Her smile shines bright,
A ray of hope, a warm sun,
A world in its glow.
It lifts the heavy hearts,
Brings peace to the troubled minds.

Her eyes, like stars,
Twinkle with wisdom and light,
Windows to her soul.
They hold a story old,
Of love, laughter, and grace untold.

Her beauty shines,
Radiant, like the morning sun,
A sight to behold.
It touches hearts and minds,
Her beauty, a gift untold.

Her looks, so fair,
Graceful, like a summer’s day,
Peaceful, like a dove.
Her appearance so true,
Reflects her inner beauty.

Her soul shines bright,
Like a flame, burning with love,
Guiding all she meets.
It shines through every part,
A source of warmth, so pure and sweet.

Her warmth shines through,
Like a fire on a cold night,
Comforts all she meets.
A heart filled with kindness,
Her warmth, a gift so sweet.

Her heart, so pure,
A well of love, a guiding light,
Shines through all she is.
It beats with kindness and grace,
A heart that truly gives.

Her laugh, like music,
Rings out, bright and contagious,
Joy in every note.
It lifts the hearts of all,
A gift of happiness untold.

Her style, so unique,
A reflection of her soul,
Graceful, and so true.
It shines with elegance,
Her style, a beauty to view.

Her glimpse, so brief,
A moment captured in time,
A memory kept.
It holds a beauty bright,
A glimpse of her, a precious gift.

Her comfort shines,
Like a warm embrace, a hug,
Bringing peace to all.
With her gentle touch, she
Soothes the heart and soothes the soul.

Her touch, so light,
A gentle caress, a brush,
Comforts all she meets.
It holds the power to heal,
Her touch, a gift so sweet.

Her hug, so warm,
A tight embrace, a gentle hold,
Comforts all in need.
It lifts the heavy heart,
Her hug, a gift of peace indeed.

Her heart, so kind,
A well of love, a guiding light,
Beats for all she loves.
With every beat, it shines,
Her heart, a treasure from above.




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