Why Kill A Mockingbird? #Mockingbird

A mockingbird is a species of bird known for its ability to imitate the songs of other birds and sounds from its environment, such as car alarms and musical instruments. They are found in North America and are known for their distinctive, beautiful song and their aggressive territorial behavior.

Why Kill A Mockingbird? #Mockingbird

The phrase “to kill a mockingbird” comes from Harper Lee’s novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The novel uses the metaphor of killing a mockingbird to symbolize the destruction of innocence. In the story, the mockingbird represents characters who are innocent and do no harm, but are harmed or killed nonetheless. The title and the metaphor serve as a comment on the injustice and cruelty present in the society depicted in the novel.

Why Kill Mockingbird – A Poem

Why kill a mockingbird, with sweet and gentle song,
A symbol of hope, where right and wrong belong.
Its voice is soft, yet echoes through the land,
A call for justice, a guide for those who stand.

For mockingbirds do no harm, they bring no strife,
They sing of love, and bring delight to life.
But still, we see some choose to take their flight,
And end the melody, before it shines so bright.

Perhaps it’s fear, or ignorance they hold,
A lack of understanding of what they’re told.
Or maybe they’re consumed by hate and pain,
And so they strike the bird, to feel their gain.

But what they fail to see, is what they’ve lost,
A symbol of peace, at any cost.
For when we kill a mockingbird, we kill a part,
Of what makes us human, and holds us close at heart.

So let us not forget, what mockingbirds mean,
And all the lessons, they can teach and glean.
For in their song, we find a better way,
And so we must protect them, night and day.







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