5 Shades of Life in 5 Sonnets #Vanish #RDP #RagtagDailyPrompt

Sonnet 1: The Vanishing Nature of Life

Life is but a fleeting moment, it’s true,
A mere instant in the vast expanse,
It comes, it shines, and soon it’s due
To vanish in the ever-flowing dance.
No matter how we strive to hold it fast,
No matter how we cling with all our might,
It slips away, as sands run out of glass,
And fades away, just like a morning light.
But though it vanishes, it leaves its trace,
A memory that lasts beyond the years,
A legacy that time cannot erase,
A sign of beauty, love, and hopes and fears.
So let us cherish life, and make it bright,
And leave behind a tale that shines so bright.

5 Shades of Life in 5 Sonnets #Vanish #RDP #RagtagDailyPrompt

Sonnet 2: The Vanity of Life

Life is a game of chance and fleeting,
It vanishes with time and leaves no trace,
And all that’s left are but memories fleeting,
Of what we did, what we felt, and what we faced.
It’s like a bubble that’s about to pop,
So fragile, so evanescent, so light,
It seems a mere illusion that will stop,
And leave us nothing but the endless night.
Yet still we cling to it with all our might,
We chase our dreams, and strive for worldly pride,
Forgetting all the things that fade from sight,
And all the things that vanish from our side.
But let us not forget the truth we hide,
That life is but a shadow, that will glide.

Sonnet 3: The Vanished Memories of Life

The memories of life are like the wind,
That comes and goes, and leaves no trace behind,
And all the things we did, and all we’ve been,
Are but a fading dream that we’ll not find.
For time, that thief of all that’s dear to us,
Steals from our grasp the moments we hold dear,
And leaves us with the emptiness and thus,
A longing for what once was so near.
And though we try to keep them close and bright,
And hold them tight, they’ll vanish in the night,
And all that’s left is but a memory light.
But still we hold on to them with all our might,
For they are all that’s left, of life that’s bright.

Sonnet 4: The Vanity of our Desires

Our desires, they come, they shine, they go,
And leave us with the emptiness of night,
And all that’s left are but the echoes low,
Of what we wanted, what we hoped, what’s right.
For life is but a fleeting moment, gone,
A mere illusion that we cling to tight,
And all our hopes, our dreams, and all we’ve done,
Will vanish in the twinkling of an eye.
And still we strive for more, for wealth, for fame,
For love, for power, for the endless chase,
Forgetting all that fades and all that’s vain,
And all that vanishes without a trace.
But let us learn to find the joy within,
And not in things that fade and always grin.

Sonnet 5: The Transience of Beauty

Beauty is like a flower that blooms and fades,
Its petals fall, its fragrance vanishes,
Its fleeting charm, its transient glades,
Are but a memory that time establishes.
It comes, it shines, and soon it’s gone,
A shadow that the wind will carry away,
And leaves us with the emptiness and pain,
Of what was once so bright and full of grace.
But still we search for beauty in this life,
In every bloom, in every form it takes,
And hold it tight, so it may not depart,
From our embrace and leave a hollow heart.
Yet beauty will still vanish in the end,
A memory, a dream, that we’ll befriend.






One response to “5 Shades of Life in 5 Sonnets #Vanish #RDP #RagtagDailyPrompt”

  1. paeansunplugged Avatar

    Beautiful reflections on life, desires, beauty and vanity. Wonderful flow and rhythm. Thanks for joining in, Jaideep.


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