Construct – Poetry

Construct of words and thoughts so bright, 
A building block for our insight.
A framework for the thoughts we hold,
A way to make our story told.
A construct of letters, sounds, and verse, 
A way to put our feelings in terse.
A form so strong, yet still malleable,
To bend and shape, to make it tellable.
Construct - Poetry
It's art, it's life, it's beauty, and strife, 
A tool to make our souls come alive.
A construct of our hopes, our fears,
A window through which others can peer.
So let us use this tool with care, 
And build a world beyond compare.
A construct of love, truth, and light,
A shining beacon, shining bright.






One response to “Construct – Poetry”

  1. James Mzalendo Avatar

    With the writings ive read soo smartly put
    I believe you blessed speak out dont mute
    Im james,or ace bit u can call me groot,
    And i believe we will build our frienship from the roots..


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