5 Sonnets on Revelation (in 5 different moods) #revelation #awe #despair #amazement #reflection #Gratitude @FranceH4508335

I. Sonnet on Revelation in Awe

Oh! wondrous revelation from above,
That shines with wisdom, truth and grace,
It brings to light the path we must love,
And guides us to a higher place.

The secrets kept within its holy word,
Are treasures waiting to be found,
It lifts us up and sets us free, heard,
And shows us what true love abounds.

With every verse, our hearts expand,
And in its light, our souls are blessed,
It gives us strength to take a stand,
And in its grace, our fears are addressed.

Oh! blessed be the day of our discovery,
Of the truth revealed in holy revelation’s glory.

5 Sonnets on Revelation (in 5 different moods) #revelation #awe #despair #amazement #reflection #Gratitude @FranceH4508335

II. Sonnet on Revelation in Despair

Oh! dark and hopeless revelation,
That brings to mind a world in pain,
It shows us all the things we’ve done,
And the hurt we’ve caused in life’s refrain.

The visions of destruction, war and hate,
That it reveals, do leave us scared,
And leave us to face a bitter fate,
Of our own mistakes that we’ve prepared.

Its message is a call to action,
To change the course of our despair,
And make amends for our distraction,
So that love and peace will soon repair.

Oh! let us heed this call to arms,
And turn our backs on hate’s alarms.

III. Sonnet on Revelation in Amazement

Oh! wondrous revelation, so grand,
That brings to mind a world of magic,
Its secrets waiting to be explored,
And mysteries waiting to be demystified.

The knowledge it reveals is vast,
And leaves us in a state of awe,
For all the things we thought were past,
Are now revealed, and at our door.

Its magic touches every life,
And makes us feel that anything is possible,
It gives us hope, and frees us from strife,
And leaves us with a heart full of inspiration.

Oh! let us cherish this gift with care,
And keep its magic shining everywhere.

IV. Sonnet on Revelation in Reflection

Oh! deep and introspective revelation,
That brings to mind a world of thought,
It forces us to take a look within,
And confront the things we’ve fought.

The truths it reveals are often hard,
And make us face our deepest fears,
But in its light, we find a card,
That helps us conquer our own tears.

Its message is one of self-discovery,
And finding the truth in who we are,
It shows us how to break free,
And rise above the things that scar.

Oh! let us take this journey with pride,
And embrace the truth that we’ve inside.

V. Sonnet on Revelation in Gratitude

Oh! blessed and thankful revelation,
That brings to mind a world of grace,
It gives us hope and peace of mind,
And fills our hearts with love and faith.

The gifts it reveals are truly great,
And leave us with a sense of awe,
For all the things that once seemed bleak,
Are now revealed as blessings, and more.

Its message is one of gratitude,
For all the blessings in our lives,
It reminds us to be thankful and rude,
And to cherish every day that thrives.

Oh! let us hold this truth in our hearts,
And be thankful for these blessings, these parts.







4 responses to “5 Sonnets on Revelation (in 5 different moods) #revelation #awe #despair #amazement #reflection #Gratitude @FranceH4508335”

  1. Eugenia Avatar

    What an amzing set of revelatory sonnets, my friend! Bravo! And thank you so much for joining in.


  2. Indira Avatar

    Wow! Wonderful set of sonnets. each one is brilliant.


      1. Indira Avatar

        My pleasure.


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