Haiku-Golden Shovel #W3Prompt #41 #haiku #goldenShovel

Winter sunset
Orange and pink hues mix
Peaceful and serene
Haiku-Golden Shovel #W3Prompt #41 #haiku #goldenShovel
Golden Shovel Poem: 
Winter sunset skies
Orange and pink hues mix and blend
Peaceful, serene sight
Brighter than any gold
This beauty nature doth hold
Every day's delight
A glimpse of heaven's peace
The colors of love released
In the winter's heat.
Oh how the sunset glows
And warms the heart and soul.



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2 responses to “Haiku-Golden Shovel #W3Prompt #41 #haiku #goldenShovel”

  1. ben Alexander Avatar

    Jaideep ~ yours is a truly gorgeous poem, but it’s not a golden shovel unfortunately… The idea is that the words of the original poem (in this case, the haiku) become the final words of each line of your new poem. I’ve done a few – take a look at this one, for example, to understand:

    Whispered prayers, or: Legions

    The poem at the top is another poet’s, and I bolded a section of her poem to use as my “golden shovel” – then I wrote my own poem below it, and the final word of each line of my poem is from the bolded section of her poem…

    Does that make sense?


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  2. PebbleGalaxy Avatar

    Oh, now I understand. Thank you, David.


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