A Collection of 5 Love Poems: Celebrating the Many Faces of Love #LoveAtBlogchatter

Love at first sight
Oh, what a sight to see, a beauty rare
Her eyes, they shine like diamonds in the sun
Her smile, it warms my heart and takes me there
To a place where love and joy have just begun

With every beat, my heart it overflows
With a love that grows with every passing day
Her laughter, her touch, her beauty glows
And I know very well that I am here to stay

For I am yours and you are mine, my love
Forever bound by the bonds of fate
Together we shall rise above
And bask in love’s warm and tender grace.

A Collection of 5 Love Poems: Celebrating the Many Faces of Love #LoveAtBlogchatter

Longing for love
Oh, how I long for love to find me here
In this quiet space, where shadows fall
To have someone to hold me dear
And wipe away the tears that drop like rain

To hear a voice that whispers in my ear
And feel the warmth of a comforting embrace
To have a love that’s strong and ever near
And chase the darkness with a brighter place

So, I’ll wait for love, though it may take time
For it is worth the wait and so much more
For with its touch, it will change my life
And leave me basking in its love galore

Unrequited love
I love you more than any words can ever say
But still, you do not love me in return
And though I long to make you mine each day
My hopes and dreams are left to burn

For I am but a fool to love so true
When all you can do is turn your back on me
And still I hold on to the hope that grew
That one day, you will see what I can see

But till then, I’ll keep my love inside
And dream of the day you’ll be by my side
And though it may never ever come to be
I’ll always hold my love for you, you see.

Love in adversity
Together we face the storm, hand in hand
Defying the winds and raging sea
For love is a bond that cannot be broken
And in adversity, it shines so bright, you see

It gives us strength to carry on
When all seems lost and the skies are grey
It gives us hope to face the dawn
And chase away the doubts and fears away

So, let us stand tall, in love’s embrace
And face the world with courage and with grace
For with each other, we are never alone
And in love’s arms, we’ll find a happy home.

Love in abundance
It’s not just the laughter, or the joy we share
It’s not just the love that shines in your eyes
It’s the way you hold me, with a tender care
And the way you always make me feel, so alive

For with you, my love, I’ve found a treasure
A love that shines even brighter than the sun
A love that’s pure and oh, so pleasurable
A love that’s all and more, that we’ve begun

So, let us bask in love’s warm embrace
And revel in its wonders every day
For our love will never fade nor trace
And will always grow in its own sweet way.




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