Beauty in Size: A Collection of Poems

In the vastness of the universe, the smallest and the greatest are intertwined. They hold within them a beauty that we must take the time to appreciate and discover. These poems are a tribute to the wonders of the world, from the shimmering pebble on the shore to the magnificent galaxy in the night sky. They explore the many facets of life, from love to fear, from desire to instinct. So let us be captivated by their rhythms, and be inspired to see the beauty in our own lives.

Beauty in Size: A Collection of Poems

The world is big, and full of sights to see,
With rolling hills and sparkling, shining sea.
The sky above is vast and full of dreams,
And every day, new wonders to be seen.

The moon shines bright, amidst the midnight sky,
Its silver light, reflecting in my eye.
It casts a spell, a peaceful, tranquil air,
And all my fears, they disappear, they’re nowhere.

The moon shines bright, amidst the midnight sky,
With silver light, it paints the world on high.
It casts a spell, a peaceful, tranquil air,
And all my fears, they disappear, they’re nowhere.
The world below is hushed, and still, and fair,
And I am lost, in this enchanting night, so rare.

The moon shines bright, amidst the midnight blue,
Its silver light, like magic, shining through.
It casts a spell, with peace and grace untold,
And all my worries, they simply fold.
The world below is hushed, in slumber deep,
And I am left, in this enchanting spell to keep.
The night is young, and yet, so full of dreams,
And I am lost, in this celestial, silvery scene.

Life is a beautiful journey, a winding road ahead,
With ups and downs, and twists and turns ahead.
It’s full of joy, and laughter, love and pain,
And every step we take, we learn, we gain.
The world is ours, to explore, to seek and find,
And make a difference, leave a mark behind.
So let’s embrace it, with open hearts and minds.

Love is a fire, burning bright and warm,
With passionate flames, that never, ever calm.
It lifts us up, and sets our souls alight,
And makes us feel, that everything is right.
It’s gentle touch, and understanding heart,
And love is what, we need, right from the start.
For love is life, and life is love, a part.

Valentine’s day, a day of love so true,
With hearts and flowers, and sweet things we do.
It’s all about, the ones we hold so dear,
And showing them, how much they mean, so clear.
With laughter, joy, and candlelight, we’ll see,
The beauty of love, for you and for me.
So let’s make this day, a memory.

Galaxy so vast, a universe untold,
With stars and nebulae, so bright, so bold.
It’s beauty beyond, what words can ever say,
And endless space, where we can simply play.
It’s endless mystery, waiting to be found,
And secrets of the universe, abound.
So let’s explore, this galaxy, so proud.

A pebble small, upon the shore it lies,
With gentle waves, that wash it, as it’s sized.
It’s but a speck, in this vast world so wide,
And yet it holds, a beauty, deep inside.
With every turn, it’s smoothed, and polished bright,
And shines like diamond, in the morning light.
So take a pebble, hold it tight.

Instinct, a voice, deep within the soul,
With wisdom and guidance, beyond control.
It’s always there, to lead us on our way,
And keep us safe, from harm, each and every day.
It’s ancient power, from the dawn of time,
And always true, in every step we climb.
So listen well, to instinct’s chime.

Desire, a flame, that burns so bright and true,
With endless hunger, for what we wish to do.
It drives us on, to reach for something more,
And find a way, to open up the door.
It’s what we yearn, for with all of our heart,
And never fades, it just sets us apart.
So follow your desire, and never part.

Pebble and Galaxy, two worlds apart,
With one so small, and one so vast and heart.
Yet both so beautiful, in their own unique way,
With secrets waiting, to be discovered, each day.
The pebble shines, with smooth and polished grace,
And the galaxy glows, with celestial space.
Together they teach us, to find beauty in size,
And to cherish each moment, before it flies.

And so we come to the end of this collection of poems, but the journey continues. The world is full of wonders waiting to be discovered, and each day brings new opportunities for us to experience them. Let us cherish the moments, hold onto the memories, and continue to seek out the beauty that surrounds us. For in the end, it is the beauty of life that stays with us and gives us strength to face each new day. May these poems leave a lasting impression on your heart, and may they be a reminder of the beauty that lies within us all.






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