Seven Saturnine Poems: Reflections on Loss, Sorrow, and Existence

Albadawi picked at his food, not reacting to Baba’s saturnine work story. To his left, Jada entertained his baby sister with boring folklore. Turning inwards, the youngster filtered out the family’s endless chatter, imagining himself soaring freely above the foaming clouds, mounted atop a massive flying fish. This piece of flash fiction was written in […]

Above the foaming clouds

Seven Saturnine

1. Lost in the Night

The world is hushed in shades of gray,
Shadows dance upon the wall.
Clock ticks on, night gives way,
To mournful thoughts that rise and fall.

Of all the sorrows I bear.
In darkness, I am left to wait,
For light to come and find me there.

2. Melancholy Night

Night descends, a shroud of black,
All around is still and calm.
Stars above are shining bright,
Distant and indifferent balm.

World below is dark and cold,
I am lost within my mind.
Weight of life is hard to hold,
Peace is hard for me to find.

3. The Weight of Thought

Within minds, a heavy weight,
A burden hard to bear.
Thoughts we think, doubts that grate,
The constant worry and despair.

Our minds can be greatest foe,
A trap that we can't quite escape.
The saturnine thoughts, a constant woe,
A weight we carry, hard to shake.

4. Echoes of the Past

Seven Saturnine Poems: Reflections on Loss, Sorrow, and Existence
Past is gone, still we mourn,
For what we cannot bring back again.
Memories fade, hearts are torn,
By every loss, by every pain.

Echoes of past still ring,
A ghostly presence in our mind.
We cling to what was everything,
But leave the present far behind.

5. Sorrow’s Embrace

Sorrow's grip, hard to break,
Weight settled on the heart.
Tears shed, pain we take,
Etched upon our souls, a part.

The memories of what we've lost,
A wound that never quite heals right.
Our sorrows count the final cost,
Of every day we face and fight.

6. The Weight of Existence

Life is a burden we must bear,
Constant struggle to survive.
Weight of existence, hard to bear,
Endless fight to stay alive.

Years go by, dreams grow old,
Time wears down our hearts and souls.
Path we tread is dark and cold,
Lonely journey towards our goals.

7. Elegy for the Departed

Beneath earth, in cold repose,
Ones we loved are laid to rest.
Memory fades, pain still grows,
A constant ache within chest.

Silent tombstones mark the way,
To where loved ones lie in sleep.
Their absence haunts every day,
A wound too deep for time to heal.





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  1. Bill Avatar

    Seven excellent poems. 🙂

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