Keysight Launches E7515R Solution for CIoT Technologies, Including 5G RedCap

Keysight Technologies, a leading technology company, has launched a wireless test platform designed specifically for all cellular internet of things (CIoT) technologies, including the 5G RedCap specification. The E7515R solution is a network emulation platform that provides chipset, device, and module makers with streamlined capabilities for RedCap without the additional features needed to test a full-spec 5G device.

Keysight Launches E7515R Solution for CIoT Technologies, Including 5G RedCap

The E7515R solution addresses the need for lab validation ahead of time to identify and correct design issues, which can shorten the certification process for RedCap and other CIoT devices. The solution is compatible with both the latest 5G Release 17 RedCap technology and older CIoT technologies such as Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT), LTE Category M, and LTE Cat-1bis. The E7515R is a complete solution that offers RF, protocol, functional, and performance testing in a compact footprint, making it an integrated platform.

The E7515R leverages Keysight’s established technology and utilizes the same reliable software solutions found in the 5G Network Emulation Solutions platform. This ensures consistent workflows and minimizes the learning curve. The device supports the complete RedCap and CIoT device development process, including initial design and development, acceptance and certification testing, and deployment.

Keysight’s continued success in supporting RedCap device development is highlighted by the launch of the E7515R solution. This release follows Keysight’s accomplishment of establishing a data call using the 5G RedCap specification, which validates RedCap connectivity on a 5G chipset through Keysight’s 5G Network Emulation Solutions.

Mosaab Abughalib, General Manager of Keysight’s Wireless Device Development R&D Group, said that the E7515R solution enables the development workflow of the next generation 5G New Radio (NR) RedCap devices. The E7515R solution is designed to streamline the development of devices that don’t necessitate complete 5G NR capability, enabling customers to optimize their return on investment.

Keysight has commenced shipping the E7515R, and will showcase the solution’s 5G RedCap network emulation capabilities at Mobile World Congress 2023, located at Hall 5 Stand 5E12. The E7515R solution is expected to have a significant impact on the CIoT industry by enabling device and module manufacturers to shorten the certification process for RedCap and other CIoT devices.

Keysight Technologies is a leading technology company that offers advanced design and validation solutions, helping to speed up innovation and promote global connectivity and security. Keysight is committed to delivering speedy and precise software-driven insights and analytics, facilitating the faster introduction of tomorrow’s technology products throughout the development cycle. The company’s clientele comprises various industries, including global communications and industrial ecosystems, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, semiconductor, and more.



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