Boredom: A Long Sequence of Haiku on What Bores Me

What bores you?

Boredom: A Long Sequence of Haiku on What Bores Me
Photo by cottonbro studio
What Bores Me
Endless meetings drag,
Droning on about budgets,
My mind starts to lag.

Data entry tasks,
Monotonous and mundane,
Boredom sets in fast.

Small talk at parties,
Empty conversations lack,
Stimulating tact.

Watching paint dry slow,
Waiting for time to crawl by,
Such a dreary show.

Repetitive tasks,
Day in and day out the same,
Routine quickly masks.

Sitting in traffic,
Miles of cars inching along,
Time moves at a snail's.

Vacuuming the floor,
Mindlessly pushing and pulling,
An endless chore.

Watching grass grow long,
Tedious and uneventful,
Moments feel so long.

Staring at the clock,
As the minutes slowly tick,
Waiting for time to unlock.

Listening to snore,
Dull and uneventful sound,
I start to abhor.

Endless commercials,
Boring and unappealing,
Attention starts to wane.

Uninspired shows,
Plotless and unimaginative,
My interest won't grow.

Filling out paperwork,
Endless forms and applications,
My boredom doth irk.

Endless social posts,
So much noise with no signal,
My interest soon ghosts.

Watching golf on TV,
The quiet plodding around,
Boredom ensues, free.

Listening to speeches,
Promises empty as air,
My interest soon leaches.

Endless to-do lists,
Tasks that feel repetitive,
Boredom just persists.

Lectures without end,
Rambling on and on and on,
Mind-numbing they send.

The sound of crickets,
Endlessly chirping at night,
Their drone never quits.

So many things bore,
Too many to count or name,
My mind starts to snore.

Sitting in waiting rooms,
Leafing through magazines old,
Minutes feel like tombs.

Watching the paint dry,
A dull and uneventful show,
Time just seems to fly.

Endless scrolling through,
Social media feeds mundane,
A boredom that's true.

Lack of creativity,
Routine kills imagination,
A dullness so heavy.

Endlessly waiting,
For something that never comes,
My interest fading.

Repetitive work,
The same old thing day in, day out,
A boredom that lurks.

Sitting in lectures,
The same old information,
A boredom that fractures.

Endless repetition,
The same old thing over again,
A boredom condition.

The sound of white noise,
Monotonous and uneventful,
My mind starts to poise.

Repetitive songs,
Lack of variation,
A boredom that belongs.

Endless calculations,
Repetitive numbers game,
A boredom that stations.

The same old routine,
Day after day after day,
A boredom that's keen.

The sound of raindrops,
An unending pitter-patter,
A boredom that stops.

Endless commutes,
The same old roads every day,
A boredom that disputes.

The same old small talk,
The same old topics again,
A boredom that blocks.

Endless repetition,
The same old thing all the time,
A boredom's ignition.

In the end, boredom,
Is just a state of the mind,
That we can overcome.






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