VergeIO Announces VMware Exit Strategy with IOmigrate Migration Tool

On March 7th, 2023, VergeIO, an Ultraconverged Infrastructure company, announced the immediate release of its VMware Exit Strategy in response to customer frustration with VMware’s pricing policies and concerns over Broadcom’s impending acquisition. The program offers a competitive trade-in to VergeOS and a seamless migration service powered by IOmigrate, a new feature. With the migration tool, customers can migrate to VergeIO’s hypervisor, network, and storage platform, leveraging existing hardware and reducing VMware costs by more than 50%.

IOmigrate is built into the core VergeOS environment, utilizing VMware’s change block tracking (CBT) technology to synchronize virtual machines with VergeOS VMs in near real-time. Customers can even use IOmigrate as a backup and disaster recovery solution while testing converted VMs, resulting in better performance and hardware utilization. VergeOS also includes global inline deduplication, unlimited, immutable snapshots, and two-factor authentication for improved storage services and ransomware resiliency. In addition, VergeOS provides full layer 2, layer 3, firewall, and DNS functionality for complete networking capabilities.

VergeIO’s VMware Exit Strategy involves a collaboration with IOintegrators, certified reseller partners of VergeIO who specialize in migrations from VMware to VergeOS. IOintegrators can complete the migration task quickly for organizations that do not have the time or resources to perform it. Once activated, the customer can take advantage of mixed node support, improved performance, ransomware resilience, and scalability to over 100 nodes.

IOmigrate and related services are available now, and interested parties can register for a webinar on March 16th at 1:00 PM ET and 10:00 AM PT to see IOmigrate converting a live VMware environment to VergeOS. For more details, visit VergeIO’s VMware Exit Strategy page.

VergeIO Announces VMware Exit Strategy with IOmigrate Migration Tool

VergeIO is an Ultraconverged Infrastructure (UCI) company that integrates the traditional IT stack (compute, storage, and networking) into an operating system, VergeOS, for greater workload density on the same hardware and high levels of data resiliency, resulting in dramatically lower costs and simplified IT.



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