A Letter to My Centenarian Self: Reflections on a Life Well-Lived

Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

Dear centenarian self, I write to thee,
To ask how you're doing, and how you came to be.
A hundred years have passed, so much has changed,
The world you live in must be so estranged.

I hope you've lived a life that's full,
With love, joy, and laughter in your soul.
I hope you've traveled far and wide,
And experienced all that life can provide.

Have you seen the beauty of the world?
The mountains, oceans, and skies unfurled.
Have you walked on paths less traveled,
And discovered stories left unraveled?

Have you loved and been loved in return,
And seen your heart's desires burn?
Have you added a value in someone's life,
And helped them through a struggle or strife?

Have you learned new things every day,
And never stopped growing in every way?
Have you lived with passion and purpose,
And made your dreams and aspirations surface?

I wonder what kind of person you've become,
A wise old sage or a curious young one?
Have you kept your sense of wonder and awe,
And seen the world with eyes that are raw?

I'm sure you've faced challenges and strife,
And had to navigate the ups and downs of life.
But I hope you've found strength in adversity,
And overcome obstacles with tenacity.

Do you recall the dreams we once shared,
The things that we were eager to dare?
Have you pursued them with all your might,
And turned them into stars, shining bright?

I hope you've lived a life with no regrets,
And embraced every moment without frets.
For life is fleeting speedily and time is short,
And every day is a gift we must support.

As you read these words I send,
May they bring you joy without end,
Your life a tapestry, rich and full,
A legacy of beauty, beautiful.

May you continue to live with grace and poise,
And inspire others with your wisdom and voice.
For even at a hundred years old,
You have so much to give and unfold.

May you find peace, when your time is through,
Resting in harmony, with the universe anew,
Your life, a tapestry of love and story,
A soul in rhythm, with nature's glory.

Farewell, dear centenarian self, I bid adieu,
May your path ahead be blessed and true,
May your life continue to weave a great story,
And your spirit shine with radiant glory.
A Letter to My Centenarian Self: Reflections on a Life Well-Lived


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