Exploring the Mystery of What Makes a Human Being: A Reflection on Our Divinity and Humanity

What makes a human being, you may ask?
Is it the body, the mind, or a task?
Is it the heart that beats within the chest?
Or is it something that cannot be expressed?

Perhaps it's the ability to think and feel,
To experience joy, sorrow, and everything real,
To create, to love, and to dream,
To reach for the stars and to be part of a team.

Is it the ability to communicate and share,
To show empathy and to truly care,
To connect with others and form bonds,
To find a purpose and to respond?

It could be the endless potential within,
To learn and grow and to begin,
To overcome challenges and to strive,
To keep moving ahead and to stay alive.

What about the soul, the spirit, the essence?
The intangible that defies all senses,
The spark that ignites the flame,
The force that fuels the game.

Is it a miraculous mix of all of the above,
A complex web of emotions, thoughts, and love,
A unique expression of life and energy,
A conscious being with endless synergy.

Regardless of the answer we seek,
The question remains and it's not meek,
For what makes a human being is a mystery,
A wondrous creation full of history.

We are more than flesh and bone,
More than thoughts and feelings alone,
We are the combination of all that we are,
A reflection of the universe, near and far.

So let us embrace our humanity,
With all its flaws and divinity,
Let us learn, grow, and evolve,
And never forget to resolve.

For we are all a tiny part of the same whole,
Connected by the threads of the soul,
Our existence is a wonder to behold,
A journey of discovery, a story to be told.

We are born into a world of endless possibility,
With infinite paths to choose and possibility,
By the respect we get, and the love we receive,
By the experiences that we choose to believe.

We are creatures of light and shadow,
Of joy and sorrow, of twists and blows,
We are the makers of our destiny,
And the creators of our own legacy.

So what makes a human being, you ask again?
It is a question without a simple refrain,
For we are more than words can express,
A divine creation, a cosmic caress.

We are the embodiment of the universe's intention,
A reflection of its endless dimensions,
We are a spark of the divine flame,
A manifestation of infinite love and the cosmic game.

So let us celebrate our humanity,
And embrace the power of our divinity,
Let us honor the beauty of our being,
And the magic of our very seeing.

For we are more than flesh and bone,
We are the universe, living and prone,
To discover the mysteries of our soul,
And to awaken the power of our inner goal.

We carry the memories of all that has been,
And the potential of all that could be seen,
With the power to transform our lives,
And to rise above the mundane and strife.

We are the storytellers of our own tale,
The weavers of our own fate and trail,
With the ability to shape our own story,
And to leave a lasting legacy of glory.

We are the seekers of our truths and wisdoms,
The explorers of the vast cosmic kingdom,
With the capacity to uncover the mysteries,
And to unlock the secrets of life's histories.

We are the champions of love and compassion,
The bearers of hope and inspiration,
With the potential to inspire and heal,
And to touch the lives of others with zeal.

We are the dancers of life's divine melody,
The singers of its eternal symphony,
With the grace to move to its rhythm,
And to immerse ourselves in its endless hymn.

We are the guardians of the earth and its creatures,
The stewards of its natural features,
With the responsibility to preserve and protect,
And to ensure its sustenance and respect.

So what makes a human being, you may ask,
Is it the body, the mind, or a task?
It is only these or a lot more,
A kaleidoscope of being to explore.

For we are the miracle of creation,
The embodiment of divine manifestation,
With the energy to shape our own destiny,
And to live our lives with purpose and intensity.

So let us embrace our humanity,
And awaken the power of our divinity,
For we are the universe in human form,
A living expression of its eternal norm.
Exploring the Mystery of What Makes a Human Being: A Reflection on Our Divinity and Humanity


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