Aparavi’s New Connectors Transform Data Management for SharePoint and OneDrive

Aparavi recently announced the availability of new connectors that allow their data management tools to be integrated with Microsoft SharePoint Server and OneDrive. These connectors help organizations reduce costs, increase efficiency, and minimize the risk associated with data management by analyzing and optimizing unstructured data.

With the Aparavi Platform, SharePoint and OneDrive users can obtain in-depth insights into data and metadata to identify redundant files, aging files, files containing sensitive information, and more. The platform’s sophisticated search capabilities enable it to scan unstructured data using hundreds of criteria and automate tasks such as classification, deletion, and offsite archiving to reduce storage footprints.

Aparavi's New Connectors Transform Data Management for SharePoint and OneDrive

Aparavi’s key value proposition for SharePoint and OneDrive is its ability to detect redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data, which typically accounts for 25-80% of business files, thus freeing up storage space. Additionally, Aparavi can proactively identify files containing regulated personal information, such as Social Security numbers or financial information, and confidential business data that may be susceptible to data breaches and cyberattacks.

By performing “data hygiene” in SharePoint and OneDrive, Aparavi also helps organizations prepare their data for better and faster results in data analytics and machine learning.

It is believed by Adrian Knapp, CEO and founder of Aparavi, that the load of managing unstructured data on business-critical applications will be significantly lightened by the Aparavi platform. Additionally, governance and compliance will be improved, the costs of carrying ROT data will be reduced, archive or deletion will be triggered, and files will even be groomed for better results in analytics or AI/ML. He goes on to add that the new connectors for SharePoint and OneDrive are important additions to the company’s ecosystem of supported platforms and should be regarded as essential tools for extending the functionality, security, and efficiency of Microsoft products.

Furthermore, SharePoint Cloud has been included by Aparavi as one of its compatible cloud targets, enabling organizations to automatically transfer or relocate data to SharePoint Cloud for migration initiatives that streamline operations, provide elastic scaling, and preserve data access while limiting the expenses of cloud capacity.

Aparavi is a cloud-based/SaaS platform that helps organizations find and unlock the value of their data wherever it resides. Its data intelligence and automation capabilities enable it to discover, automate, govern, and consolidate distributed data, thus reducing storage requirements and costs while mitigating risks. The platform also provides advanced search capabilities across all systems to provide insight into data and metadata by location, owner, content, events, creation, last access, extension type, or modification date, and eliminate ROT data.

Aparavi’s ultimate goal is to help organizations transform data into a competitive asset and make it more accessible for data analytics, machine learning, and other tasks. The company is privately funded and headquartered in Santa Monica, California.



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