The Power of Truth: Liberating Ourselves from Deceit and Lies

If truth be told, a timeless truth indeed,
A truth so pure, it calls for no deceit,
For when we speak the truth, our words are freed,
And we are liberated from the need to cheat.

For lies are heavy weights we carry on our soul,
A burden that we bear, that takes its toll,
For every lie we tell, we must remember,
The web of falsehoods we have spun, the ember
Of guilt that burns within, a constant reminder.

But truth, ah truth, it is a light,
That guides us through the darkest night,
For in its glow, we see the way,
And in its warmth, we find the strength to say,

That truth is all we need to be,
To live with honesty, integrity,
We strive to reach our highest heights,
And in our truth, we find our might.

So let us speak the truth, my friends,
And let us speak it to the end,
We journey on in radiant light,
And in its truth, we find our sight.

Oh, the sting of deception,
The wound that cuts so deep,
The pain of knowing the truth,
And the secrets that we keep.

For when someone lies to us,
And we find out the truth,
It's not just the act of lying,
That leaves us feeling uncouth.

It's the damage that's done to trust,
To the bond we thought we shared,
It's the realization that we can't believe,
What we once thought was fair.

For honesty is the cornerstone,
Of any relationship or bond,
And when lies are told, we realize,
That the foundation is not so strong.

It's a betrayal of the heart and soul,
A breaking of the sacred trust,
A reminder that we must be careful,
Of who we choose to give our trust.

For once the trust is shattered,
It's hard to put the pieces back,
And even if we forgive the liar,
The trust can never be unpacked.

Let us all be ever mindful,
Of the power that our actions wield,
Of the trust that we are given,
And the trust that we receive.

For when we choose to be honest,
And we choose to be sincere,
We build a bond that's unbreakable,
A foundation that's crystal clear.

In the quiet of my mind,
I often find myself confined,
To thoughts and questions, deep and true,
That only I can hear and pursue.

For when I talk to myself,
I find a solace in the wealth,
Of knowledge and understanding gained,
From the questions that I've entertained.

The reason I talk to myself,
Is not because of mental health,
But rather because I know,
That the answers that I seek, must flow,

From the depths of my own being,
From the thoughts that I am freeing,
From the doubts and fears that I must face,
And the challenges that I must embrace.

For in the silence of my mind,
I find a peace that's hard to find,
In this world's noisy, chaotic swirl,
Truth and falsehoods often unfurl.

I speak to myself and listen well,
To the whispers of my heart's true swell,
For in the wisdom of my own soul,
I find a path that can make me whole.

And though the world may not understand,
The reasons why I take this stand,
Trusting myself is key I know,
For my own answers to follow and grow.

Oh, the lies we tell ourselves,
The stories that we weave,
The tales that we concoct,
To make ourselves believe.

We tell ourselves we're happy,
When deep down we're feeling blue,
We convince ourselves we're fine,
When we're struggling to get through.

We build up walls and barriers,
To hide the truth we fear,
We tell ourselves we're strong,
When we're trembling with the tears.

And though we may deceive ourselves,
And tell ourselves a lie,
Deep down we know the truth,
And we can't escape the why.

For the lies we tell ourselves,
Are like a poison to the soul,
They eat away at us inside,
Until we lose control.

So let us be honest with ourselves,
And face the truth we hide,
For only then can we be free,
And let our spirit glide.

Let us embrace our weakness,
And acknowledge our own pain,
For only then can we heal,
And find happiness again.

Let us listen to our hearts,
And trust the truth we feel,
For only then can we be true,
And let our spirits heal.

So let us be honest with ourselves,
And never lie again,
For only then can we believe,
The truth that lies within.

Statistics can be a tricky thing,
A tool for truth or a weapon to bring,
For numbers can be spun and bent,
To serve the liars' ill intent.

There are three types of lies they say,
Lies, damn lies, and statistics at play,
For when numbers are used to deceive,
The truth is harder to perceive.

The facts and figures that we see,
Can often be used to mislead,
To paint a picture that's not quite true,
And fool the masses with what's askew.

For when the data is manipulated,
And the truth is obfuscated,
We're left with a distorted view,
Of what's really happening anew.

So let us be wary of the stats,
And question what's presented as fact,
For numbers can be weaponized,
To tell the lies that are disguised.

Let us seek the truth in all we see,
And not be fooled by what's meant to be,
For only then can we truly know,
The path that we should take and go.

Let us demand transparency,
And hold the liars to accountability,
For only then can we trust again,
And let the truth be our friend.

So let us be mindful of the lies,
Of damn lies and statistics in disguise,
For when we see through the veil of deceit,
We can find the truth that we seek.
The Power of Truth: Liberating Ourselves from Deceit and Lies




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